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The Chronicles of Oz

Mar 28, 2020

The Season 3 Finale of The Chronicles of Oz. Based on L Frank Baum's Ozma of Oz.

Time's up. Ozma must enter the ornament chamber and play the Nome King's grotesque game. She's lost her friends, lost her courage... what does she have left?

Starring Kirsten Page, Kara Dennison, Jennifer Alyx, Rob Lloyd, Aron Toman, Scobie Parker, Tom Denham and David Coonan. With Stuart Anderson, Harry Scobie, Fiona Thraille, Clover Parker, Sarah Golding, Caitlin Yolland, David Nagel and Mark Behrens.

Melbourne sound recording by Daniel Burnett, sound design by David Nagel and Aron Toman, music by Tony Diana.

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